Recapping My Trip: Best Meals

My favourite places will almost always be tied to my favourite food experiences - so I thought I would force myself to think about some of my favourite meals. So, in order of appearance - a few that stand out: My first taco in Mexico.  There was nothing quite like that feeling of my first … Continue reading Recapping My Trip: Best Meals



I felt incredibly bittersweet in Cartagena. I have been so incredibly lucky to travel in Latin America like I did - and was feeling so so overwhelmed with appreciation in Cartagena about my time there. I was so happy and content with the heat, the sea breeze, the Colombian lifestyle - but also was so … Continue reading Cartagena


Ashamedly, I can't say much about Medellin - it was a friend's birthday, and as a result of that - I saw more of Medellin after dark than I did in the day time. Needless to say, Medellin was an extremely enjoyable few days, but I'll have to return one day to tell you about … Continue reading Medellin


We got into Salento after an bumpy overnight bus from Bogota, arriving in a tiny town in the mountains shrouded in early morning mist.  Crammed in the back of the truck, we went to the Cocora Valley nearby to go for a walk. The valley is famous for its extremely tall palm trees that skyrocket … Continue reading Salento 


We arrived starkly early in Bogota, and spent the day resting to recover from the long night after our flight to Colombia.  On our first afternoon in Bogota, we went out in search of food - and joined others at our hostel in a delicious small French restaurant, trying charcuterie and poached fish quinoa meals, … Continue reading Bogota


We spent almost a week in Lima, taking it easy and exploring the gigantous city before our flight to Colombia.  Our first night we stayed at a dodgy hostel in the outskirts of Barranco, a popular neighbourhood for bars and eating out, and arrived late to the area. Out in search of food, and wholly … Continue reading Lima