Mexico City  

I am currently on a bus, travelling between Mexico City and Oaxaca. We spent two full days and two half days in Mexico City – not even nearly enough. 

We arrived in the evening to beautiful sunshine and temperate weather, leaving the hotel after a shower and a change in search of dinner. We happened upon a small taco shop, lines running out the door. With a list of taco specials at the front of the shop, we were apprehensive about ordering our first meal in Mexico. Unable to remember what to say in Spanish, we tried to mime our order and were quickly greeted with kind outrage that we couldn’t speak the language. This was the beginning of my realisation that, in fact, Spanish wouldn’t be as easy as I thought to pick up. Un-known, albeit delicious, tacos later, I was buzzing with the realisation that I was – finally- in Mexico. 

We walked around Mexico City the next morning in an attempt to orientate  ourselves – stopping off at some of the main attractions of the city. A highlight was a visit to a beautiful market (which we attempted to go back to the next day and were led astray, before finally finding it after much walking!). That afternoon we visited the Athropology Museum and La Condesa – a beautiful (wealthy) Mexican neighbourhood.  The suburb, like Roma which we visited the day after, was absolutely stunning – complete with tree lined streets and Parisian architecture. Fairly hip, too – vinyl shops, a bookstore cafe and beautiful restaurants would have fit in perfectly in Melbourne. It was like we were in a whole different city to the hustle and bustle of the Centro historico. 

This morning we went to the Frida Kahlo museum, located at her house in Coyoacan. It was chocka block, people were lining up arround the corner to go in to the blue house. I particularly loved the gardens -the house is designed to wrap around a large, beautiful courtyard garden. Although not too many of Frida’s works are displayed, I was interested in the focus on maternity and infertility in her works.

That’s enough from me for one day – very excited to see Oaxaca and try mole tonight. 

P.S – Popped back to mention how absolutely freezing it was the first day we arrived – about 7-8degrees! It gets to 20odd degrees in the afternoons but the mornings are bitter cold. I was expecting to hardly use my big blue wooly jumper, but have now used it every day so far! May have to update my winter wardrobe a little. 


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