Oaxaca was an abosolutley stunning town. We arrived late one night after a long bus ride and went straight to bed. The next day excited to explore, we walked around the beautiful, warm and lively village for hours upon hours. 

Claudia and I were very interested in the Oaxaca’s political nature. Several streets were cordoned off, with tents and banners covered in political statements and photos of disapeared activists. We met a very intelligent local on the street who talked with us about some of the political issues in Mexico, as well as a recent fight regarding the election of a leader between two different law groups at the university.  This resulted in a major fire at the faculty, and Professors who do not support the election even go so far as to teach their classes in tents on the street. 

We happened to run into Magdelano and his friends the next da, and continued our discussions over Mezcal, which is made in Oaxaca. It was great getting  to hear some local insight and food recommendations.

On our last day in Oaxaca, we headed about 10 km out of the city to San Bartolo- the home of a special black pottery. It is fired in a certain way that created beautiful, light and shiny black pottery. Definitely a bad move, but I fell in love with a small black skull – which will now be clunking around in my backpack. 


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