24 Hours in Celestun 

I am going to be honest; I didn’t particularly enjoy my time in Celestun. It’s the first place that I haven’t really liked; although I am the first to say I was there for only 24hours. 

^ banksy (spelt Bakzy) found in sleepy Celestun! 

It may have been because when I first arrived, I was so excited to explore. I went for a walk with my book along the beach, and a Mexican man who was walking the other day shouted obscenities and grabbed my ass. Immediatley, as is what happens when assult occurs, I felt so uncomfortable. I think about this regularly – but I really feel like being a woman travelling alone is the time when I feel the most aware of my gender, and of the difficulties that arise from that. I try not to let it stop me – but I am inherently more cautious than male traveller friends I know. Anyway, I think this marred my first impressions of the town.  

This morning, Celestun was rocking. Locals were walking in and out of the town squares, with massive packages (I think they must have been some government food scheme – they all went in with a piece of paper and out with the same package of supplies) and a sign up in the Church’s indoor courts. On the bus heading out of town, I finally was able to translate what the sign was for – it was a temporary employment scheme for fishermen effected by a reduction of employment in the area. Really interesting to see – hopefully the influx of tourists (it most definitely isn’t a tourist town currently) will help this out. 

The hustle and bustle of the town gave me the impression for the first time that I wasn’t welcome; I don’t really know how to explain it except that it was just a feeling. 

Despite that, I had a lovely morning. I woke early to walk all along the beach before the sun became too powerful, and later found a market for a lunch/breakfast situation. Markets are my favourite places in every town; they are the heart of small villages like Celestun and I love being surrounded by that. A really quiet few days, but worth it as I had an excuse to spend hours listening to Harry Potter on the long bus rides – a favourite pastime of mine. 


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