Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido was a beautiful, hot change from San Christobal. Nestled on the Oaxacan coast, Puerto Escondido is full of stunning Pacific Coast beaches – more rough than those in the Yucatan, but just as beautiful. 

Most days here were spent beach hopping, window shopping on which beach we would like to spend our days. We stayed in a lovely hostel – tiny (only 12 people) – where we cooked and read and met new people. Harry and Darcy joined me, Cam and Sonia and we were reunited over stories and cards on the sand. 

We saw baby turtles being released into the sea on Bacocho beach – a cruel mission. Seagulls swooping overhead are all too aware of the 5pm feed time, several swooping down to pick up minute turtles on their big commute. The crowed shouted in anguish as the seagulls fed, and shouted in triumph when the waves swept them into the sea. 

I loved swimming on the beaches here – they reminded me so much of the waters of Waikanae, where the crashing waves and big swells cause you to keep your wits about you, but swim further out and you can float on the water and relax in the sea. It is this, not the shallow Caribbean that I experienced, that makes me love swimming in the ocean. 

We had a hilarious (although  at the time confusing) experience  one night on the beach in La Punta – we had brought homemade dinner down to the beach for a light meal, along with beers and ice cream from the store. Suddenly, two policemen sprung up on us – and started speaking in quickfire Spanish. We were all baffled, but after a pat down (only the men, of course – because there’s no way women could be accused of anything untoward) and emptying our pockets, they were on their way. We found out the next day that it is very common for police there to catch travelers with drugs on the beach, the police so often receiving under the table payments instead of a night in jail.


One of my favourite memories was on my last night in Puerto Escondido, where a group of us went down to watch the sunset. We decided to swim, and after getting past the massive waves affected by a steep drop off, we floated in the water, watching the sun turn a majestic red and dip slowly beneath the waves. We returned for a Thai dinner (the first rice I’ve had in a while, I missed it!) and endless games of 500 on the beach, lit by candlelight and torches shone through beer bottles. 


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