I must say I’ve been pretty revolutionary in my beach, books, cards, Mezcal routine recently. Mazunte was a continuation of the same, but in a small, cute, hippy beach town this time. 

Mazunte was a full of smoothie stores and vegan ice creams, sand filled streets and cheap Mexican all day breakfast spots. And there, in that one sentence, highlighted everything we did in Maxunte – played endless games of 500, drank cheap (and I mean cheap) Mezcal, swam at the sea, read books, became locals at a Mexican restaurant where I delighted every day mid morning in nopales a la Mexicana (cactus cooked with onions, chilli and tomato, served alongside tortillas, rice and beans). 

On one of our last days, we walked along the coast to a beautiful beach, exposed to the crashing waves and not safe for swimming – but beautiful for a paddle and a play, rock exploring, and sandy naps. 

RIP to my sun specs, lost ruthlessly on the back in Mazunte. Also RIP to the sunglasses photographed here, later lost by a friend in Oaxaca city.  


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