I wish I could have spent more time in Puebla, one night was certainly not enough.  Puebla is a stunning city, full of cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and a hive of activity. I was so lucky to be there on a Saturday, where stalls pop up along the roads and every antique you could think of comes out of the woodwork. It would not be out of place in Melbourne, where the film cameras, frames, ornaments  and glass bottles would be snapped up in no time, for about 5X the price. In San Christobal I saw beautiful leather bags with woven detailing, and found the perfect leather handbag for me in Puebla, which I have used non stop ever since. Very happy with my purchase. 

I stayed in the best hostel in Puebla – right in the centre, in an historic building that was beautifully renovated. Floor to ceiling intricate glass doors, pink velvet armchairs and plenty of plants outfitted a beautiful sitting area, with old fashioned (but new, insanely comfortable) iron beds in a palatial front room. Spectacular. 


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