Iguazu Falls 

Iguazu Falls 
Iguazu Falls, situated on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, are absolutely spectacular. A set of falls that follow a steep mountainside, there are about 300 in total. 
I really enjoyed my visit to the falls, although I think that hindsight is helping me out a little bit there. Although the falls are absolutely spectacular, I was most definitely tested. I arrived at Foz de Iguazu (on the Brazilian side) one morning after a long overnight bus to a light drizzle. But, as a Wellingtonian through and through I wasn’t going to be dissuaded by that, my entry to see one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world couldn’t be stopped by a little shower! However, by the time I got into the falls the showers had turned into a full scale vertical barrage, complete with thunder, lightening, and mist which deemed it almost impossible to see the falls (hence, no photos).  However, I persevered. 

After completing my first border crossing, ever, (how exciting!!) I made it to Puerto Iguazu, the Argentinian town, with the intention of completing the Argentinian side the next day, then taking the overnight bus to Buenos Aires. However in a cruel twist of fate – on the one day that was scheduled to be clear and sunny – the bus companies declared a full scale strike, rendering any travel (even to the falls) impossible. I had developed a hacking cough and terrible cold as a result of the day before, so after my initial disappointment settled down to resting and making home made vegetable lentil soup. 
The next day I felt absolutely victorious, as I not only managed to see the Argentinian side of the falls (incredible) in the sun, but also began the long journey to Buenos Aires. Happily topping of exactly 3 months of travelling, full of many highs and only a few lows (although there sure have been a slurry them recently!). 

^ the ultimate fall, although pictures hardly do it justice ! 


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