Tasting wine and unidentifiable meats in Mendoza 

Although it’s probably not true, I think that I was forced to create a good experience out of very little in Mendoza, a stunning wine region of Western Argentina. After several difficulties with my phone (I feel like a broken record with this blasted phone – but its broken and infuriating) and a hostel with no one for company (save an entire school of 15yo Argentinian kids), as well as a shocking quiet town on Good Friday (was that just because of the holiday or is Mendoza just dead? Unsure), I was forced to really change up my experience of Mendoza to make it one to remember. This happened in the form of a half day wine tour, where I visited three vineyards and an olive oil manufacturer. 

Here I present my findings – 

1. I definitely prefer white and rose to red. 

2. There’s a lot of red wine in Mendoza. In fact, almost all the wine in Mendoza is red. 

3. Although wineries think that they are unique in storing their vintages in 70% American oak and 30% French oak barrels, that is actually the most common combination, followed by practically every winery in the region, certainly every one I visited. 

4. The best stop was the olive oil one, as they provided snacks in the form of crusty bread + oil. 

5. Orange infused olive oil shouldn’t exist. 

6. Counter to my intuition (which is clearly lacking when related to wine), you should store wine bottles with the liquid touching the cork ? 

7. Although correlation doesn’t equal causation, organic wine tastes better. 

Upon my return from the tour, I met three rather crazy Argentinian men, who were cooking asada (Argentinian barbecue) at the hostel. Although I had already eaten, I was persuaded into agreeing to try the meat — not knowing that it would be after midnight when the meat was finally served. I must say, although I was in my pjs by this point, the meat was absolutely delicious, with the exception of a strange, tubular, white thing which was more gristle than flavour, which the men happened to “forget” the English translation for, but I guess was some type of intestine. Ignorance is bliss, eh? 


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