A Day in Potosi 

I really really loved Potosi. After several days in a jeep, it was so nice to explore a city that felt truly Bolivian. Potosi reminded me so much of San Christobal, a beautiful colonial city that grows along the mountainsides. Most women I saw in Potosi wore the indigenous dress of Bolivia, with felt hats, braids down to their backs, and full, colourful skirts. It was amazing to see, particularly for me because I think that so much of South America so far has been so familiar, like Western cities. Also, because I have this pretentious thing about “authenticity”. 

I bought a pair of knobbly woollen socks off a woman sitting on the street corner, knitting and selling her wares – it is this type of curio I am most interested in bringing home. Luckily, I haven’t had any need to try them out for warmth yet – hopefully the temperatures will continue to improve as I move upwards. (If the jeep tour taught me one thing, it’s that I really cannot handle the cold. How do people do it.) 

I spent the entire afternoon walking the streets, trying, and failing, to take images of the beautiful traditional women. I worry so much about not causing cultural offence that I am too scared to take images of people, the thing I am most interested in taking photos of. But keep this as a promise to continue to attempt to improve portraiture photography. 
After the socks, it was a bus to our next stop – Sucre 


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