Lake Titicaca 

Lake Titicaca was stunning. A lake at the highest altitude in the world, Titicaca borders Peru and Bolivia – a common crossing for travellers. We had a very quick visit to Titicaca, enough time to visit the stunning Isla de Sol, be extraordinarily out of breath climbing up to summit, have a couple of delicious lake fish dinners on the side of the water, and then head off to Peru.  

On our first night, we arrived to the most spectacular sunset – reds and blues covering the lake with the most reflective magic. I had read that you could really cheaply buy grilled trout on the banks of the lake, and so with the sun we wandered down to test our luck. We had the most delicious whole trout, mine fried with tomatoes chilli and garlic, on a bed of fries. A dream dinner, if you ask me. 

The next day, we woke early to spend a full day on the island – a long boat ride away. The scenery on the island was absolutely spectacular – the crisp air and expansive views caused us to be out of breath, not only from the altitude – but also how stunning it was. (But seriously, the altitude was crazy here. Walking up the famous steps on the island, on the inka footpath, made me feel like my chest was going to leave my body).  I would have loved to stay on the island for a night – but I was keen to keep moving. On to the border, then an overnight bus to Arequipa, for me.


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