Our stop after Cusco was an incredibly contrasting destination. We took an overnight bus to Ica, and then a quick taxi to Huacachina – an oasis in the dunes. 

Huacachina is a tourist trap, but for good reason – it is a tiny little town surrounded by mile high sand dunes as far as the eye could see. 

We walked up the nearest (and easiest) dune (not actually easy, at all) to watch the sunset over the dunes. We watched from afar as the town, the only green for miles, slowly became dark as the sun hid beneath the sand. 

The next day, we found a pool in a local hotel – and revelled in our first little glimpse of heat after months of cold. It was so lovely to relax, swim, and bathe in the most incredible setting – with dunes all around us. 

On our last day in Huacachina, we took a dune buggy ride into the sand – a chaotic, bumpy, and utterly exhilarating ride. We sand boarded down these crazy sand dunes, only to huff and puff our way back up to the top of the slopes to do it again. 


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