We arrived starkly early in Bogota, and spent the day resting to recover from the long night after our flight to Colombia. 

On our first afternoon in Bogota, we went out in search of food – and joined others at our hostel in a delicious small French restaurant, trying charcuterie and poached fish quinoa meals, along with a delicious chocolate fondant. However, that was the last meal I had for a few days – falling sick that evening and staying in bed for all the next day. 
Despite missing the majority of our time in Bogota, I did still manage to go to the art gallery – popping in to hide from the persistent rain and visit an excellent temporary show of a brilliant photographer from the early 1900s, who was clearly a big traveller – photos from all around the world, mainly of women and children – I loved the photos of Mexico City. 

We also did a walking tour of Bogota through a new start up tour company, who was very honest about the history and politics of the country. We learnt about the involvement of Escobar in the government and the earlier political wars in the city, through walking beside places of interest. We also learnt about the current peace process – efforts to integrate the FARC into the government, and to trial those people who were involved in the wars. 


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