We got into Salento after an bumpy overnight bus from Bogota, arriving in a tiny town in the mountains shrouded in early morning mist. 
Crammed in the back of the truck, we went to the Cocora Valley nearby to go for a walk. The valley is famous for its extremely tall palm trees that skyrocket up into the sky.  Suddenly, huge rainstorms soaked us stiff on our first attempt – we ran back to safety and tried again the next day to go to the Valley, with slightly more productivity – although it wasn’t raining, I was still hindered by my sickness in Bogota and lumbered along the trail slowly. We were able to hire gum boots, but still sloshed and slipped along in the mud created from yesterday’s downpour. 

We also went to a popular travellers cafe, Brunch, every day while we were in Salento – delighting in the best burger and fries I’ve had on my trip, and an excellent hot sauce – a mix of Franks, with some more chillies added in for good measure. 

Still sick, and hindered by very persistent rain – those two trips to the valley was all I could do in Salento – the rest of the time was spent laying low, trying to recover. 


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