Ashamedly, I can’t say much about Medellin – it was a friend’s birthday, and as a result of that – I saw more of Medellin after dark than I did in the day time. Needless to say, Medellin was an extremely enjoyable few days, but I’ll have to return one day to tell you about any actual tourist activities.

My friends rented a great little airBnB in the centre of Palermo, where the awesome bars and restaurants are, and we loved inviting friends over for drinks and games. In the mornings, we had stocked up on eggs and bacon, so had highly nutritious fried egg and bacon butties, the perfect cure.

However, I did venture out for my first truly Colombian meal – the types that I had when I was in Peru and Bolivia – at a busy, cheap, almuerzo lunch spot. Only in Colombia, the set lunches are called comida corrida – and usually consist of plantains, beans, rice, and a fried meat, along with soup. Set lunches also come with a type of drink, which I think tastes like a simple syrup that they water down (although its still very sugary) and then you receive a couple of bits of lime to add into. I can’t be sure of if thats what it actually is, but it is similarly un-thirst-quenching, which I would expect from a drink of that sort.


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