I felt incredibly bittersweet in Cartagena.

I have been so incredibly lucky to travel in Latin America like I did – and was feeling so so overwhelmed with appreciation in Cartagena about my time there. I was so happy and content with the heat, the sea breeze, the Colombian lifestyle – but also was so excited to be in the UK with my Mum, relaxing and eating a few stalks of broccoli.



But, let me explain Cartagena. Cartagena is a busy, hot, humid city. It reminded me so much of Havana, actually – it felt incredibly Caribbean, with women wearing colourful sarongs selling fruit on the side of the road, beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, and music in the streets. It was a city to get lost in: the perfect place to walk around and explore, if you could stand the beating of the sun and the dizzying, thermometer defying heat. (It really wasn’t that bad, but it was awfully hot.. in a good way).


I spent my last days the only way I know how: quick, local comida corrida lunches of fresh fish and plenty of carbs, and endless strolls around the beautiful streets. I finished my last full day sitting on the ramparts that line the outside of the Old City in Cartagena – refreshed by the battering breeze and trying to look back on what a “journey” the last 6 months had been. (I don’t love that word — but how can I actually describe the experiences that I had?? There is nothing like it).




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