Tasting wine and unidentifiable meats in Mendoza 

Although it's probably not true, I think that I was forced to create a good experience out of very little in Mendoza, a stunning wine region of Western Argentina. After several difficulties with my phone (I feel like a broken record with this blasted phone - but its broken and infuriating) and a hostel with … Continue reading Tasting wine and unidentifiable meats in Mendoza 


Buenos Aires 

I really loved Buenos Aires. Not as much as São Paulo - but I don't know if much will be able to be as wonderful as São Paulo. But Buenos Aires was spectacular, in a similar way - it was full of culture, of activity, of food - everything I like about cities.  Although the … Continue reading Buenos Aires 

Iguazu Falls 

Iguazu Falls  Iguazu Falls, situated on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, are absolutely spectacular. A set of falls that follow a steep mountainside, there are about 300 in total.  I really enjoyed my visit to the falls, although I think that hindsight is helping me out a little bit there. Although the falls … Continue reading Iguazu Falls