Final snapshots of Mexico 

Thought I would post the odds and ends of my time in Mexico.  I'm currently in Brazil and although I am absolutely loving it, I can't say I'm not missing the easy (and cheap) lifestyle of Mexico.    So here a few pics of my last few days - Mexican wrestling in Mexico City, returning … Continue reading Final snapshots of Mexico 



I wish I could have spent more time in Puebla, one night was certainly not enough.  Puebla is a stunning city, full of cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and a hive of activity. I was so lucky to be there on a Saturday, where stalls pop up along the roads and every antique you could think … Continue reading Puebla 


I must say I've been pretty revolutionary in my beach, books, cards, Mezcal routine recently. Mazunte was a continuation of the same, but in a small, cute, hippy beach town this time.  Mazunte was a full of smoothie stores and vegan ice creams, sand filled streets and cheap Mexican all day breakfast spots. And there, … Continue reading Mazunte

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido was a beautiful, hot change from San Christobal. Nestled on the Oaxacan coast, Puerto Escondido is full of stunning Pacific Coast beaches - more rough than those in the Yucatan, but just as beautiful.  Most days here were spent beach hopping, window shopping on which beach we would like to spend our days. … Continue reading Puerto Escondido