Our stop after Cusco was an incredibly contrasting destination. We took an overnight bus to Ica, and then a quick taxi to Huacachina - an oasis in the dunes.  Huacachina is a tourist trap, but for good reason - it is a tiny little town surrounded by mile high sand dunes as far as the … Continue reading Huacachina 


La Paz 

I've rather lost track of this blog, recently, sorry for my radio silence -  but I'll try to recap the last few stops as best as I can.  I really loved La Paz. It was chaotic and messy - just like I like a city. Cars had no sense of pedestrian crossings, or lanes generally … Continue reading La Paz 


Sucre was a beautiful, relaxing welcome to Bolivia. Planning to only stay a few days, we found the atmosphere of the city and the people we met there so charming that we kept extending our stay, day after day.  Every day we would make the trek up the steep cobbled streets to the Mirador, the … Continue reading Sucre